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Featured Stories

Photo by Emily Goodman

Healthy Hormones

By Laurie Hartt Sports and health enthusiast Dr. Howard Liebowitz is always looking for ways to naturally enhance sports performance. Operating out of Santa Monica, the doctor also specializes in preventative care and combines the two with hormonal replacement therapy. “I’ll do the traditional things when they’re [needed],” he said. “But I work with my patients… [Continue Reading]

Photography by Melonie Magruder

It’s a Good Cause for the R.A.T.

By Melonie Magruder GARY MILLER, PRODUCER of some of the biggest acts in rock-dom, has had enough. From Nigeria, where some three hundred young women have been kidnapped and are being held as slaves by the Boko Haram, to San Diego, where gangs of young men are building turf empires on the backs of young… [Continue Reading]