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Most doctors have a pretty straight forward practice: you feel bad,  you visit the doctor, he/she gives you some medicine, you feel better. But there are several Malibu doctors whose specialties go beyond the norm. 

By Melonie Magruder

community profile-dr hall

Pacific Coast Sports Medicine

11710 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, 90025; 

Dr. Raymond Hall has been practicing chiropractic medicine for 28 years and was recently voted “Top Chiropractor in Los Angeles” by the International Association of Chiropractors. He has had his own practice for 21 years. 

How do your patients benefit?

Contemporary chiropractic medicine is based upon the body, mind and neurophysiological health. I have an integrated approach to healing, and sleep science is a big part of my diagnostics. It is essential; so it is critical to our healing as well as our hormonal, mental and biochemical balance. My philosophy involves finding the underlying mechanism of illness or the causative factors.

I’ve also developed patents for certain tools [for better sleep], like the PILLO1—a therapeutic neck pillow that is being used by athletes and celebrities around the country.

What has changed?

We’ve reduced reliance on medications and focus more on optimizing the body’s biomechanics. A lot of this comes about from interdisciplinary cooperation with other specialists while treating a patient.

I recently had a heart surgeon call to ask which type of pacemaker did I think best for one of my patients based on diagnostics, such as MRIs, that I might need in the future. This type of cooperation leads to diagnostic excellence and a better future for my patients.

What is your philosophy for well-being?

I want to demonstrate diagnostic excellence to dramatically reduce surgical intervention; and for chiropractic medicine to become a true integration of mind and body through cooperative medical alliances.


community profile-Dr. Talia Emery

Remedy Skin + Body

3723 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Westlake Village, 91361; 

Dr. Talia Emery of Remedy Skin + Body, a physician who began her career locally, is a recognized industry leader in aesthetic services and noninvasive cosmetic dermatology. After practicing as a board certified family physician and as an attending physician at Kaiser Permanente, she’s been focused on cosmetic treatments for the past nine years. Dr. Emery joined Veronica’s Skincare in May.

How do your patients benefit?

I am a certified trainer for BOTOX™ and Juvederm™, but my best advice is simple: less is more. I focus on using the safest, most effective, nonsurgical treatments to help my patients achieve their goals. One may simply need an effective moisturizer while another would benefit from multiple laser treatments. Our goal is not to create a “new” look, but to help the patient feel rejuvenated.

What has changed?

I have seen an increase in patients who complain of sensitive skin—whether due to overexposure to the sun or a modern trend of constant exfoliation, which removes natural essential oils. My philosophy is to nourish the skin and let it work for the patient, instead of trying to force too much upon it.

I believe that much can be achieved by way of rejuvenation without surgery. A new technique gaining traction to eliminate pockets of fat is called CoolSculpting. Also, there’s Ultherapy, which gives a lift to neck and facial tissue without needles or surgery.

What is your philosophy for well-being?

I believe you can put your best face forward and stay fit and healthy, and put effort toward making the world a better place for us all!


community profile-Dr. Erin Carr

Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine 

520 Arizona Ave., Santa Monica, 90401;; 

Dr. Erin Carr is a board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy. Staff at Akasha includes specialists in family and internal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and physical therapy. Dr. Carr received her doctoral degree from Mount St. Mary’s College, with a focus on orthopedic rehabilitation.  

How do your patients benefit?

I focus on a multisystem approach to help treat the potential causes of one’s pain, rather than chasing individual symptoms for temporary relief. This ‘whole body’ is an all-inclusive approach with a mix of western and eastern techniques to heal a large variety of injuries. Working with a team of doctors allows us to treat so much more.

I educate about the injury. Often times, lack of information or plain misinformation causes more stress and anxiety. This impedes the healing process.

What has changed?

I use a gentle, hands-on approach to physical therapy, rather than an aggressive ‘no pain, no gain’ technique. Physical therapy has come far from the days when therapists were looked upon as just a country cousin to the medical profession. Nowadays, every PT program is at the doctoral level and the education is similar to the medical model. After school, physical therapists have the option of specializing and advancing skills through residency programs.

What is your philosophy for well-being?

Physical therapy will be integrated more into comprehensive health planning. We have a goal that by 2020, every state will have what we call ‘direct access.’ This would allow anyone to see a physical therapist directly. Meanwhile, I advocate conscious stress-reduction to reduce pain from injuries. It’s a cliché, but you have to stop and smell the roses.

community profile-Dr. Heidi Hame

Malibu Children’s Dental Center

23440 Civic Center Way, Ste. 202;

Dr. Heidi Hame received her masters in Craniofacial Biology and graduated from USC School of Dentistry with a specialty in Pediatric Dentistry. She’s been in practice for more than twenty years.

If you were to walk into Malibu Children’s Dental Center, you might wish you were eight years old again, about to have your teeth cleaned. That’s how inviting Dr. Hame’s offices appear to be!

Disney characters like The Little Mermaid and Tigger dance along the walls, favorite cartoons are ready to entertain you and exam room chairs are like a first-class seat on a rocket ship to the moon.

How do your patients benefit?

I am a strong advocate of early dental care. Many parents think that children don’t need to see dentists at a young age because baby teeth are going to be lost anyway. Nothing could be further from the truth! My training also allows me to treat children with special needs.

What has changed?

My life’s mission is to remove the long-standing fear children might have of visiting the dentist and establish proper oral hygiene habits from an early age.

Almost always, my patients’ parents are surprised that their children actually look forward to coming to see me.

What is your philosophy for well-being?

My philosophy in life, as well as in my practice, is that each individual is a combination of body, mind and soul. If you ease the soul of each child with pure love, it will be very easy to ease their mind and body, too. This is how I deal with every child, by being open and honest with them, so they can also feel and trust my soul.


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